[40], The Maison des Têtes [fr], built between 1528 and 1532 by Antoine de Dorne, Consul in Valence, royal Professor at the University, the Renaissance façade with several heads carved representing the winds, fortune, time and even theology. Religious life flourished, the Saint-Apollinaire Cathedral was built as well as the Abbey of the canons of Saint-Ruf [fr]. The temple of the Abbaye Saint-Ruf [fr], former chapel of a Roman priory. Valence - La Coupe de France Das Fussball Team Valence spielte in dieser Saison La Coupe de France in Frankreich. Valence is the largest city of Valence Romans Agglo, an agglomeration community with 51 communes of the region. 2011 gelang der Aufstieg in die vierte Liga (Championnat de France Amateur (CFA)), die oberste landesweite Amateurspielklasse. Many of them refused this situation and went into hiding in the countryside or joined the Maquis. [90] Many health professionals are installed on the commune, including 58 physicians,[91] 67 nurses, 80 physiotherapists. the Valence Autoroute Area) of the holidaymakers who head to the Côte d'Azur. The site is that of the former Saint Mary of the Visitation convent. The lovers of Peynet inspired the song Les amoureux des bancs publics [fr] of Georges Brassens. The Gotheron weather station of Saint-Marcel-lès-Valence, located 6 kilometres (3.7 mi) from the centre of Valence, recorded an average temperature of 12.3 °C and 886 millimetres (34.9 in) of precipitation over the period from 1966 to 2004. The hills (mostly limestone) have a double vegetation: Mediterranean on the southern side and Sub-continental on the northern side. The bypass of the communes of Guilherand-Granges, Saint-Péray and Cornas is programmed, which ensures its realisation by 2025. During World War II, Valence suffered several allied aerial bombardments, intended to destroy the bridge over the Rhône. [50] This mode of hauling regressed at the end of the 15th century, to be replaced by hauling by horses, except for local hauling.[51]. The Côte Sainte-Ursule meanwhile was less used; it separated the properties of two monasteries. The area of the commune is 3,669 hectares (9,070 acres), representing 36.69 square kilometres (14.17 sq mi); the altitude varies between 106–191 metres (348–627 ft).[8]. Its Emergency Department, located on the site of Pasteur, is open 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. Valence ended the 2011–12 season in sixth place in the CFA Group B, retaining their place in the division for the following campaign. Around 800, a new Cathedral of Saint-Estève (of St. Stephen) was built instead of the baptistery, with a choir that was oriented to the west. [92] Since 2009, Valence is a member of the WHO city health network,[93] through its commitments for the promotion of good nutrition practices, Valence is also very active in the National Programme of Health and Nutrition (PNNS).[93]. The town was fortified by King Francis I. LOG T1M – Évolution of the number of houses by category. It is the most important centre of intervention of the department and is located at 57 Rue de Chantecouriol, Hugo-Provence Quarter in Valence. [14][39] This project could lead to the removal of family gardens there. [98], The declared taxable average net income was €19,609, in 2009. A bikesharing scheme called Libélo started in March 2010, offering 200 bicycles for long-term hire and 180 for short-term hire, in 18 locations around the city. [21] Its strategic location on the Rhône (in the heart of the Rhône-Alpes region, close to Isère, Savoy and Switzerland) allows it to serve the countries of the Mediterranean Basin and the Middle East. The idea is born to bury the fast axis semi-covered trenches over a distance of about 1.5 kilometres (0.93 mi). 1946 machten sich die Fußballer als Football Club de Valence selbständig. The economic development of Valence can also count on a wealthy producer territory of food processing, hi-tech with the presence of large groups of electronics or aerospace, many innovative SMEs and a university centre of importance of film and knowledge with the presence of major animation studios internationally recognised for the quality of their productions. The city invested 190,000 livres for the installation of a new barracks in the Rollin quarter, north of the Roman road. The 530 square metres (5,700 sq ft) terminal has two gateways for access to aircraft. [58] Once the peak of fear passed, a latent anxiety remained, the village communities realised that in an emergency, they were in fact isolated and practically reduced to their own devices. It was registered as an historical monument from 1926.[103]. The station is only 1 kilometre (1 mi) south of the end of the LGV Rhône-Alpes, giving Valence much shorter journey times to northern destinations as well, with a journey to Paris taking 2h11. [85], Valence has two hospitals, a public and a private. In the 19th century, the channels lost their significance and would even be a little forgotten, hidden by urbanisation, high-rise buildings and roads. Indeed, the water used for irrigation, drinking water and washhouses, was also a valuable source of energy for the economic development of the era. [45] It belonged to the family of the Counts of Albon, which held the region for decades, frequently occupying the county and the Diocese of Valence. The esplanade of the Champ de Mars [fr], which before the conversion work of 2001 was a car park dotted with plane trees, is today a wide tree-lined esplanade, where one can see beyond the Rhône to the Château de Crussol, at the forefront of the Ardèche mountains. [29] The Valence agglomeration stretches on the right bank of the Rhône, but is limited by the edge of the Vivarais plateau. The monumental fountain [fr], designed by the architect Eugène Poitoux and dating from 1887, is located in the city centre, on the boulevards. At an estimated €100 million cost,[14] the last big project supported by the city concerns the creation of a city of sports and culture on the former military wasteland of Latour-Maubourg. The quality of the services offered allowed it to obtain the blue flag of Europe, in 2005. This House, marking the transition from the Gothic to the Renaissance style, owes its name to the many heads that adorn its facade. Very quickly, the Valence people strove to channel these waters forming unhealthy marshes. In 1993, the building was transferred to the city and has been classified as an historical monument since 1927.[102]. It was also an important commercial axis, especially for salt, which would benefit the city which guards traces of the name of Rue "Saunière", formerly the name of one of the four gates of Valence, the one which gave access to the south. [3] Erstmals in der Saison 1977/78 spielten die Fußballer des Klubs auf gleichem Niveau wie der örtliche Konkurrent FC, allerdings nur für eine Spielzeit. It was the seat of a bishopric perhaps as early as the 4th century. The commune, founded in 121 BC, after the invasion of Gallia Narbonensis by the Romans, it moved quickly to become the largest crossroad behind Lyon. It includes 160 bikes on the Smoove key concept spread over 18 then 20 stations and 200 rental bikes for long duration in Valence, Guilherand-Granges and Bourg-lès-Valence. The City Hall of Valence employs more than 1,700 municipal officers (permanent and non-permanent jobs) representing more than 100 trades and all exercising a public service mission, ranging from the maintenance of roads, maintenance of parks, the management of cultural and sports coaching schools, etc. [109] The meeting of physician Gilbert Dreyfuse with Louis Aragon, his contact in the Resistance, was told by the poet after war in a small article, published in 2001.[110]. Marie Aymar, known as Teyssonier, and also known as, This page was last edited on 27 October 2020, at 02:12. The city, safe from the flooding of the river and protected by its ramparts, was a step on the road for pilgrimages to Compostela. This bypass is to develop because it is located in the core trunk with the D86, the main axis of the right bank of the Rhône. Raymond Peynet worked on that momentum for many newspapers. Over the centuries, the town grew and grew. [95] In 2013, the Drôme Ardèche Private Hospital staff consists of 150 doctors and liberal surgeons, 180 nurses, 140 caregivers, 20 midwives, 16 childcare auxiliaries, 110 other hospital workers and porters, 45 other paramedic personnel, and 80 administrative and technical personnel.[95]. Thus, nested terraces were formed. Over more than three-quarters of its territory, this region corresponds to the plain of Valence, shaped by successive beds of the Rhône which are abandoned fertile sedimentary deposits. Vereinsseite der AS Valence [19], The Port de l'Épervière [fr] contains 478 berths: It is the first river port of France. [25] The orientation of the streets of the Roman city, orientation still quite widespread in the streets of the old town, is identical to those of the ancient cadastres of the surrounding countryside. An underground project of the autoroute up to the city is being studied.[14]. The Italian theatre dates back to 1837. This second module describes the angle of the Rue de l'Équerre; Place des Ormeaux [fr] exactly a square actus (i.e. Indeed, Valence has one of the largest Armenian communities in France. Drôme was one of the departments where the Resistance was the most active. The dauphin Louis made numerous stays in Valence where, as a sign of allegiance, he donated a gate to the city, the Saunière gate and a few houses nearby. The city of Valence is a territorial collectivity administered by a municipal council which is the deliberative assembly of the commune and which aims to regulate by its deliberations the business of the municipality. The episcopal district also included housing for the canons, grouped around a court cemetery, and a round church, Notre-Dame-la-Ronde. Erstklassig (Division 1, seit 2003 Ligue 1) hat bisher weder Olympique noch einer der Vorgängerklubs gespielt und dementsprechend auch noch keinen Meistertitel gewonnen. Many settlements were founded, including Valentia, a Latin name meaning La Vaillante [brave], La Vigoureuse [strong], in the territory of the Segovellaunes [fr]. With the introduction of the STO, young men were required to go to work in Germany. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 24. Daraufhin meldete der Verein Konkurs an und entstand als Association Sportive de Valence neu. It is located on the European routes E15 (A7) and E713 (RN 532). Built between 1969 and 1971 by the Greek sculptor Philolaus at the initiative of the urban architect André Gomis [fr], the water tower is a sculpture-architecture labelled "heritage of the 20th century" [fr] and consists of two twisted towers, the tallest measuring 57 metres (187 ft) high. Almost immediately a new club was founded and it took the name Olympique de Valence, restarting in its third regional division. [37] Those of DAH come mainly from the department. When it comes from the south, it usually announces the arrival of stormy disturbances. North of Valence, the rise could be done under sail (but not always). The importance acquired by the canons of Saint-Ruf generated tensions with the cathedral chapter, which led to the transfer of the head of order (i.e. [40], In the 5th century, control of Valentia passed from the Romans to the Alans and other barbarians: in 413, the Goths under Ataulf besieged and captured the brother of the usurper Jovinus, Sebastianus, at Valentia on behalf of the emperor Honorius. It lies in the quarter of Fontbarlettes. At the opening of the TGV station, a service of fifty TGVs per day was planned with eight of these TGVs continuing to serve Valence-Ville. Public green areas of Valence total 230 hectares (570 acres)[113] (more than 10% of the area of the commune). The committee of twinning of Valence is the association responsible for the promotion, coordination and organisation of exchanges between Valence and its twin cities, with the support of the city of Valence. It has also launched a study to establish a new palais des congrès in the area.[14]. The domed ceiling is treated in trompe-l'œil; it recalls the Temple of Arts and depicts four genres (drama, comedy, opera and vaudeville). [94] The Woman-Mother-Child Centre welcomes paediatrics, neonatology and obstetrics, infant surgery, gynaecology and the hospitalisation units for woman and child. They were broken down into stamps in 1985 in France, cancelled by the post office of Saint-Valentin in Indre, each on 14 February, in postcards, dolls, in books, on medals, in statues (such as the one in Hiroshima in Japan). Profistatus besaß nur die ASOA, und das von 1993 bis 2005. It was founded in 2005 following the demise of ASOA Valence and folded in 2014 but was refounded immediately. After long drawn-out construction decisions, the city took advantage of a windfall from a private initiative for the construction of a theatre. Located on a crossroads of road networks, it is known to be a point of passage (cf. [38] The first part should be delivered before 2015.[14]. The airport has three runways: one of 2,100 metres (6,900 ft) in concrete, and two smaller, 1,300 metres (4,300 ft) and 440 metres (1,440 ft). His son, Chilperic II, ruled Valence from 473 to 493 when he was slain by his brother Gundobad. Since 1984, the 1st Spahi Regiment has been installed at the barracks of the Bacquet Quarter. It included crossing the city on 12 October 1799, during the return of the expedition to Egypt, and offered to his former landlady who came to welcome him at the posthouse, a cashmere of India (offered to the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament), a compass and a powder spoon (available at the Museum of Valence in 1862). Its thickness can reach 400–500 metres (1,300–1,600 ft). The city of Valence then expanded eastward, on the Riss terrace, at an altitude of approximately 150 metres (490 ft). [27], The first alluvial terrace, at 120–125 metres (394–410 ft) altitude, was fully occupied by the western part of the communal territory in the 1960s. This era ended abruptly in 1562 during the occupation of the city by the troops of the Protestant Baron des Adrets: All the religious buildings of Valence were partially or completely destroyed. The Armenian heritage centre is installed in the former Faculty of Law at the heart of the pedestrian centre of Valence, close to the historic Valence quarter of Armenian origin (concentrated around the Rue Bouffier, Rue Armenia and Rue Belle Image). By its geographical location, Valence is one of the points of compulsory passage between Paris and the Mediterranean Sea. After his coronation, Louis XI confirmed its preference by mailing the letters patent for the university on 12 October 1461. After becoming famous, Peynet returned to Valence in April 1966, to baptise the kiosk which now bears his name. 1981 kehrte er dorthin zurück, schaffte zudem sowohl 1980 als auch 1981 den Einzug in die Pokalhauptrunde und stieg 1984 sogar in die zweite Division auf, die damals in zwei Staffeln ausgetragen wurde und für Profi- wie Amateurteams offen war. The Armenian community, comprising over 10% of the population has its own church, Saint Sahag (Isaac) and in November 2017 launched the construction of an Armenian language daily-school. More than 100 cities are connected one or more times a week, some up to five times per day, such as London. 2003-485 of 5 June 2003, and the years corresponding to an exhaustive census survey for municipalities with less than 10,000 inhabitants, and the years 2006, 2011, 2016, etc. [66] They worked mainly as labourers, or founded small businesses (25% of employed persons). [citation needed], Even under the Roman domination, the Allobroges tribe established themselves north of Isère, and repeatedly rebelled against the Roman occupation. The rural inhabitants settled on small hills of the plain, giving rise to a large number of villages: Montoison, Montmeyran, Montélier, Montvendre, Montéléger, etc. Valence is the seat of the Chamber of commerce and industry of the Drôme [fr], which manages the Port de l'Épervière [fr], the port of Valence [fr] and Valence-Chabeuil Airport. A number of communes however retain their village identity and their rural character, protecting them from changing into dormitory towns. Thus advocating the "removal the A7", when elected, specifically a burial of the motorway in semi-covered trenches. 1993 gab ASOA sich ein Profistatut, kam 1998 sogar bis auf acht Punkte an einen Aufstiegsplatz in die erste Liga heran und blieb bis zum Jahr 2000 in der Division 2, in die sie 2002 für zwei Jahre zurückkehrte. It was bought by the city of Valence around 1830 and is part of the first monuments registered national historical monuments inventory after a visit by Prosper Mérimée in Drôme. Under the direction of Commander Laurent Blanchard, the firefighters of the Drôme took part in 28,551 interventions in 2013. At the dawn of the 5th century, the city lived in shelter of the ramparts erected under the late Roman Empire (still a visible construction in the 19th century). Indeed, as early as 1388, the toponym "Pont Péri" [Péri Bridge] is carried by a sector of the quarter of Basse-Ville lying in the extension of the east-west axis of the ancient city. It probably, belonged originally to a rich clothier. Thierry Berthou/Collectif: Dictionnaire historique des clubs de football français. It is the 5th largest city in the region by its population, with 63,714 registered inhabitants in 2017 (131,695 inhabitants in the urban area (unité urbaine). The grid plan follows a dual orientation, varying neighbourhoods, the dual orientation which corresponds to two modules of this plan: One of about 360 Roman feet (107 metres (351 ft)), the other 420 feet, which sometimes breaks down into 120 feet spacing. [6], „Die AS Valence ist tot, es lebe Olympique Valence“, https://de.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Olympique_Valence&oldid=193423299, „Creative Commons Attribution/Share Alike“. Paris FC. The rest was destroyed in a bombing raid during World War II on 15 August 1944. Frost in April 2003 which affected peach production, followed by a summer heatwave in 2003, with exceptional sunshine for the year (2,781 hours), and a rainfall deficit in 2004 (722 millimetres (28.4 in)). The evolution of the number of inhabitants is known through the population censuses carried out in the town since 1793. The church contains the monument of Pius VI, who died at Valence in 1799. Only 46% of households were taxed the same year. Many monuments of Valence are protected as historical monuments. It was in Valence that the saga of Louis Mandrin ended in May 1755, the smuggler who challenged the Ferme Générale and redistributed the proceeds of his theft from it. The northern part of Valence, almost completely razed to the ground, was rebuilt and today one finds many administrative buildings in this area such as the Hotel of prefecture of the Drôme [fr], the general treasury, social security, the post office and the police headquarters. However, as early as the 4th century, Valentia faced many raids but the city within the ramparts retained its monumental adornments competing according to Ammianus Marcellinus (Histoires, XV, 11, 14), with Arles and Vienne. It bears the name of Théodore Jouvet, a generous donor who gave, to the city of Valence, the amount required for the purchase of the land and whose statue is placed near the belvedere from the Belle Époque. At the end of 2015, 8,183 establishments were installed on the commune of Valence: 71% in the tertiary trade, and 16% of establishments in public administration (school, health, etc.). On the death of Louis II, who was the last count, the Valentinois was sold in 1419 by his heirs, his daughter Louise de Poitiers (widow of Humbert VII de Thoire [fr] and Villars) and close relatives to Charles, dauphin and King of France (Charles VII). Valence enjoys a humid subtropical climate, whose main characteristic is an almost constant wind which blows and dries the Rhône corridor. In 2003, 60 daily TGVs served the station, with 1.8 million passengers. The Museum of Fine Arts of Valence [fr] is the only museum of its kind in Drôme, its collections bring together paintings, drawings, sculptures, decorative arts from the 16th century to the 20th century. [63] By 1926 827 Armenians had settled in Valence, and 1,670 by 1931[64] – from Bursa, Malatya and Harput. One of the major issues of the municipality is the opening up of the Hauts-de-Valence, which is subject to a program of urban renewal of €117 million, jointly funded by the city and the National Agency for urban renewal [fr] (ANRU). [citation needed]. During this troubled period, the city converted its ancient walls into stronger fortifications: Roman gates were bricked up, thus doing away with the two main axes of the city and lasting restructuring of the urban network. The rate of unemployment in the city is 18.2%.[98]. Located in the city centre between Vieux Valence [fr] and the Lycée Emile Loubet, the Champ de Mars [fr] esplanade is a large walk of 3 hectares (7.4 acres) planted with lime trees, with the Peynet kiosk [fr] in its centre. Dubbed the "mistral" when it comes from the north, it brings good weather and coolness in the summer, but an impression of freezing cold in winter. Compte officiel de l'Olympique de Valence, club de football. The Central Hospital of Valence has a capacity of 740 beds. This thermal water supply, and more generally that of the city of Valentia, was thanks to the numerous springs in the vicinity.

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