He was later brought over from the Isle of the Lost to revive Audrey. Then there are four vases per level, which, if collected, give you the password for the next level and the ability to save your progress. The imps obey and capture him in the middle of the night, but fail to kill him, and only half-succeed in making him mortal: he keeps his godlike strength, allowing him to dispose of the pair before they have a chance to kill him. In the episode "Hercules and the Twilight of the Gods", Hercules and Phil visit Valhalla and meet the Norse gods, including: In "Hercules and the Romans", the gods of the Egyptian mythology earn temporary worship from the Roman Empire before the Greek pantheon assumes this role and after being driven away by Hercules and Icarus. Hercules agrees, and Hades takes the opportunity to humiliate him before revealing Megara's role in his scheme. Herc agrees, as long as Meg will be safe from any harm. Meg tells him that she accepts that part of his life as an awkward phase, and loves him just the same. lees meer. Je kunt je cookievoorkeuren altijd weer aanpassen. Panic is paranoid, twitchy, panicky, and easily spooked, as his name suggests, but he appears to be relatively smart and is very cautious. Once we find all four of them, and what is the point, anyway? She appears to wear purple makeup to match the color of her eyes and a Grecian-style dress. Welke opties voor jouw bestelling beschikbaar zijn, zie je bij het afronden van de bestelling. The producers of the game must have felt that there weren't enough possible enemies, so they put in creatures that were never in the movie(and make little, if any sense to be there). As Deja explains, this means "straight nose, pursed lips – almost cherubic, large eyes, a lidded look...The classic style you find on Greek vases or drawings."[2]. The following are the faculty members of Prometheus Academy: The junior school attached to Prometheus Academy. See our Video Games Guide for more. His Japanese voice is done by Yasunori Matsumoto. (Video Game 1997). Too late, Zeus and the other gods discover the kidnapping. The couple then adopts the child, considering his arrival a gift from the gods since they are themselves childless. To try and grovel sufficiently they become insects, reminding Hades they could still kill Hercules in the time left. He also appears briefly in Mickey's Magical Christmas: Snowed in at the House of Mouse. Hades agreed on the condition that she serve him forever, which she accepted. The following are fictional characters from Disney's 1997 film Hercules and from the derived TV series. Hades sends his minions, Pain and Panic, to kidnap baby Hercules and give him a potion that would render him mortal, and kill him. Meg and Phil later find Hercules being clobbered by the Cyclops and saves him from the fall of a collapsing column and dies in process. "I was too tall and skinny for my age, and I was a lousy athlete. Je kunt je cookievoorkeuren altijd weer aanpassen. Hades seeks to overthrow Zeus and rule the universe, in line with other pop-culture Hades's being villainous due to association with death. Four of the five Titans each represent one of the four elements. Ichirō Nagai supplies Phil's Japanese voice, while Lakis Lazopoulos was cast for Phil's voice in the Greek-language version of the film. The Academy was named after the Titan Prometheus, who brought fire from Mount Olympus (the metaphorical "light of reason") to mankind, and was punished by Zeus being chained to a rock and having his liver pecked out by an eagle every day forever. Hades offers Meg her freedom in exchange for discovering Hercules' weakness. 6/10. Unlike his mythological counterpart, who is typically portrayed as a feared but relatively passive deity, he is a fast-talking, ornery, lord of the underworld: a combination of Satan and a sleazy dodgy persuasive Hollywood agent type/car dealer. These are reasonably effective in dealing with enemies and obstacles, but Aladdin still has got this beat in this aspect. Growing up as a gawky and awkward teenager, Hercules has difficulty being accepted by others due to his strength and clumsiness, not being able to control his own strength and goes about inadvertently destroying things. Enacting his plan, Hades sends a Cyclops to destroy Hercules. Along the way, Hercules saves a woman named Megara from being pestered by the centaur Nessus, and becomes attracted to her, while Phil immediately clashes with her, considering her a distraction from Hercules' activities. Teenage Hercules wears a one-sleeved Greek tunic, and is represented an overgrown gangly youth who doesn't know his own strength and clumsily goes about inadvertently destroying things. "Villains Tonight" is a musical stage show featuring many different villains from various Disney films, including Doctor Facilier, Ursula, Scar, Yzma, Maleficent, Evil Queen, Captain Hook, Cruella de Vil, Jafar, and his two sidekicks Pain and Panic. Elke film is bijzonder populair en hoort thuis in de lijst van films die j… Although the beast initially swallows him whole, Hercules cuts his way out by decapitation, only for more heads to grow back and gang up to attack him. Without his superhuman strength and crushed by Meg's betrayal, Herc is brutally beaten about by the monster but is able to defeat the Cyclops and send him hurtling off a cliff. These productions are adaptations of Greek mythology, very different from the classical versions.[1]. Video game adaptation of Disney's animated movie. He leaves to tell Hercules, not hearing Meg's refusal to help destroy Hercules. Granted, I have tried it a few times before, but still. Prometheus Academy is the school that the teenaged Hercules attends while training with #Philoctetes to become a hero in the Disney movie Hercules. Alle prijzen zijn inclusief BTW en andere heffingen en exclusief eventuele Megara (commonly shortened to Meg) is a young woman who used to work for Hades, the Lord of the Underworld. While these have varied in quality(the early ones, like Aladdin(in particular) and The Lion King were quite entertaining and fairly well-crafted), most of them are obvious and weak attempts at milking the concept, getting more money from the people who enjoyed the movie(and the parents of the kids who did, provided said kids are good at bugging their folks into getting' 'em stuff). Een feelgood movie voor iedereen, van alle leeftijden! While training Hercules or watching him fight, Phil would constantly utter at least one of his 101 rules. All in all, decent, certainly nothing more. Als we je account op een ander apparaat herkennen, hoef je niet opnieuw de keuze te maken. However, shortly after her lover was revived, he fell in love with someone else and ungratefully left Meg locked in servitude to Hades. At first, she was trying to learn any weakness he might have, but she eventually fell as hard for him as he had for her. He is invited by Zeus to live in Olympus, but he decides to live his life on Earth with Megara. Because Hercules is now mortal, he cannot return to Mt. Phil at first declines returning to the hero training business, but is convinced by Zeus. So he summons the most evil villains in his quest to become more evil. 3.0 van 5 - 30384 beoordelingen. Ook nu speelt Disney het weer klaar: een prachtige Disney Classic! Hades briefly lent his ember to Mal in order to undo a spell done by a jealous Audrey. Door op ‘accepteren’ te klikken ga je hiermee akkoord. Knowing that he can't stop Hercules in his path, Hades begs the hero to try and ease things with him and the other gods, but Hercules angrily punches Hades into the River Styx, where he is swarmed by vengeful souls and dragged to the depths. On his way, Hercules saves Megara from Nessus, a centaur acting as river guardian. Lees er meer over in ons, Meer uit de serie Walt Disney Classics Collection, Bezorging dezelfde dag, 's avonds of in het weekend*, als kind vond ik deze classic niet zo leuk, Ophalen bij een bol.com afhaalpunt mogelijk, Cadeautje? Donovan went on to voice the teenage Hercules in a derived animated series where the hero-in-training attended high school. After freeing two boys (Pain and Panic in disguise) from under a boulder, Hercules unintentionally releases the Hydra, a serpent-like monster which has been set up as a fixed contest by Hades to kill the hero. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? While Meg follows Hades' orders, she shows open defiance at times and a cheeky attitude. {"pdpTaxonomyObj":{"pageInfo":{"pageType":"PDP","language":"nl","website":"bol.com"},"userInfo":{},"productInfo":[{"productId":"1002004000086982","ean":"8711875957383","title":"Hercules","price":"12.99","categoryTreeList":[{"tree":["Films \u0026 Series"]},{"tree":["Films \u0026 Series","Dvd"]},{"tree":["Films \u0026 Series","Dvd","Animatie"]},{"tree":["Films \u0026 Series","Dvd","Kinderen \u0026 Familie"]}],"brick":"10001460","chunk":"80007268","label":"Walt Disney","artist":"Animation","averageReviewRating":"4.8","seriesList":["Walt Disney Classics Collection"],"sellerName":"bol.com"}]}}, {"pdpAnalyticsObj":{"pageInfo":{"pageType":"PDP","country":"NL","shoppingChannelContextTypeAndDeviceType":"www.bol.com,DESKTOP","canonicalUrl":"https://www.bol.com/nl/p/hercules/1002004000086982/"},"product":{"productId":"1002004000086982","title":"Hercules","category":"Films \u0026 Series","brand":"","brick":"10001460","seller":"0_","orderable":true,"price":"12.99","categoryNumbersFlattened":["53473","53445","53487","3133"]}}}. Sometime during the events of Hercules, Meg went to Hades and sold her soul to revive a lover of hers who had died. We can finally save. Having him retrieve her the amphora so she can use it to forget about Adonis who she had a blind date with that went badly. Meg is loosely based on the mythological Megara, first wife of Hercules in mythology, with undertones from another mythological figure, Deianira, who in Greek mythology was the third wife of Hercules. The game utilizes the main character quite well, as far as control(though Wonderboy handles like a friggin' Mech, for some reason) and powers go. Hercules leaves Megara in the care of his friends while he rushes off to thwart Hades' invasion of Olympus. We slaan je cookievoorkeur op in je account. When Mickey's kind and nice ways did not sway Maleficent, Hades won her over by showing his own, fiery personality in a fit of rage towards Mickey. They do retrieve it from Ares' sons, but Meg leaves Hercules to escape. Use the HTML below. Not long after, you're fighting boss enemies taken from the film. Powerups/general design isn't as accomplished as other of these games. Laat het voor je inpakken en bezorgen. Later, Hades and the Ice Colossus (a replica of the Ice Titan) both fight Aqua in the Coliseum, but Aqua defeats the both of them and Hades flees to the Underworld to further his plans. Pegasus (vocal effects by Frank Welker) is the winged horse of Hercules, created by Zeus out of clouds. Bezorgopties We bieden verschillende opties aan voor het bezorgen of ophalen van je bestelling. After Maleficent's defeat, Hades himself battles Sora and lost as all his schemes against Sora and the others end in failure. Pain, on the other hand, is bossy, hot-tempered, and sly, but also clumsy, impulsive and liable to get into painful situations, and seems to be less intelligent than Panic. One of their teachers is Mr. Aesop, who tells stories (his eponymous fables) in order to teach the students by means of his morals. Een goede verhaallijn, swingende muziek, spanning en soms een gevoel van medelijden, zorgen dat je dit verhaal ultiem beleeft! Pegasus has also appeared in the Disney/Square Enix video games Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts III.

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